RAMADHAN MUBARAK (Advices, do’s and don’ts)


May Peace be with all of you,

So apparently Ramadhan starts tomorrow in Saudi Arabia in shaa Allah and many other countries such as Canada (check out with your local Mosque if you’re not sure), are you ready? How do you feel?

For those of you who do not know Ramadhan is the muslim holy month. In this month, we are supposed to fast from dawn until sunset, so no food, no drink, no sexual intercourse (even with your spouse) during that period of time. It is also during Ramadhan that our Holy Book, Qur’an, was revealed to the prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him).

Personally I’m happy it is Ramadhan again, I know I will be less tempted to do certain type of things, I know we will be all going to the masjid with our friends and family and that closeness, that sweetness you never taste it in any other month except in Ramadhan.

These are few advices (Do’s and Don’ts) for myself first of foremost and for everyone else.


  • First thing First make sure you renew your intention, that you will be fasting the whole month for the sake of Allah.
  • As Ramadhan is the month of Quran, try your best to read it everyday even one page per day for a beginner is good. In case you want to finish the book in the month you have to read 5 pages after every salah. If you can read in arabic do it as you get more rewards and if you can’t then read the translation and make sure you learn arabic before Ramadhan 2018 in shaa Allah.
  • Make sure you pray on time, it is important when you fast to pray on time so you get the full reward and restrain yourself from sins.
  • Go to taraweeh prayers if you can, it is always better to pray in congregation and the bigger the congregation the better it is.
  • Go to tahajjud prayers the last 10 days if you can, and to be honest if there is a masjid next to your house just go for every salah if you can.
  • Break your fast with dates, milk and water as that was the way of our prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
  • Donate if you can, it does not have to be money it can be food or even your time, help at your masjid to serve food during iftaar for example. During Ramadhan rewards are multiplied especially the last 10 days (for example you can bring water to masjid and imagine getting reward for all the thirsty muslims that will be there).
  • If this is your first time fasting do not be scared, get close to your friends who fast and people who you know will encourage you.
  • Make duas for yourself, for your family, for me (of course), for all the muslims and non muslims.


  • If you listen to music try your best not to, listen to Quran instead, nasheed (without instruments), listen to lectures that will motivate you.
  • Do not look down on people who you see newly wearing hijab, or newly praying and or fasting. Okay it is Ramadhan this is the first time you see them with hijab so what? At least they are trying even if it is only for one month please let people be and do not be harsh on them. Try to understand them and help them if you can.
  • Try to divide your time so you don’t waste any, don’t spend the whole day sleeping. I know when you do not have class and/or work it is a bit hard however you can always make a timetable with a friend and motivate yourself to follow it together.
  • When you break your fast, do not eat too much it is not necessary trust me and it will just make you lazy to pray.
  • If you eat or drink by accident continue fasting, don’t say “oh since I already ate mind as well just start fasting another day” NO, BIG NO! If you made a mistake it is a mistake you continue your fast.
  • Ladies when you’re menstruating and you’re not fasting make sure you just don’t sit and eat in front of everyone because you can, that’s wrong and they might be hungry by seeing you eat (that might lead you to sin).
  • If you smoke, drink (alcohol), you’re not regular in your salah, or you don’t wear hijab and you want to stop all that then Ramadhan is the month for you, try your best to stop these bad habits, make sincere duas to Allah to help you and if in one month you made it then after Ramadhan just continue don’t go back.
  • If you’re sick and your doctor said you cannot fast please don’t, don’t kill yourself no one asked you that, there are other ways for you to pay back and ask your local imam to be sure. But also don’t just say “Oh I’m sick I shouldn’t fast” NO make sure you ask your doctor and if he says you can then do it.

Well ladies and gentlemen I think that will be all for now, so I hope in this month we will get closer to our Lord, to our Holy Book, I hope The Almighty forgives our sins and I also hope we forgive each other. May Allah reunite us all jannah ul firdaws.

Ramadhan Mubarak to you and your loved ones.




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