I know I’m a little late but as a francophone mother’s day for us is the last Sunday of May but since I live in Canada and yesterday was mother’s day here I thought I might make an exception. So I had this idea of writing my mother’s day short text today in English then in two weeks write another one but in French In shaa Allah (If God Wills).

So Let’s get it!!!

To my beautiful Mother,

I wanna tell you so many things,

See I am so grateful to have a mother like you, though I don’t say it enough but I love you so much,

Actually no I’m lying because what I feel for you is way stronger than love but if there was a better word, I would have used it mama,

I want you to understand that I’m so sorry for all the hardship you went through for me,

Mama I want you to know that you are the sun that illuminates my days,

Mama you’re the moon that illuminates my nights, so there are no shadows on my way.

Mama when I talk to you I feel safe it’s like nothing else counts,

Days pass by but my love for you keeps increasing more and more.

Mama you are part and will always be imbedded in the soul of me

And Mama I want you to know that if I were to die today just know that the privilege was mine to have been your daughter.

With all the love that one’s heart can contain,

Your Daughter.


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